I know that writing any story can be daunting, confusing and especially difficult when the writing is about yourself. Below, I have laid out some points that might be of some assistance, should you wish to use them as a guide. I’d like you to think of this as though you are writing someone a long letter, explaining your life to them, past and present, good and bad. Someone you haven’t seen since you were a child. (*  I’m looking for something around 2500 words, plus or minus. Please no more than 3000)

  1. What were you like growing up? (personality) (city or rural) (school + general info)
  2. How old were you when you became a police officer, fire-fighter, emt, or a Corrections officer?
  3. How did the depression first reveal itself?
  4. What did the PTSD feel or look like to you and how did it affect your every day life and/or relationships? Did your personality change? How so?
  5. What seemed to make it worse?
  6. What seemed to make it better?

These are just some helpful hints for you to act as a guide only. I can’t stress enough how very brave you all are to put your life to paper like this. I truly believe your story will help not only you, but hundreds and maybe thousands of others out there who read it, people like you who are suffering from similar depression.


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You can also submit your story via email: info@gsmarriottauthor.com