IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this project has been placed on temporary pause. 


This Book is written for the benefit of all First Responders who have or are currently suffering from PTSD or other associated forms of work-related depression. This includes Police officers, Fire-fighters, Emts and Correctional Services personnel to name a few.

My name is Geoff Marriott and I am a former police officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. I was compelled to leave the force after almost twenty years due to psychological issues, commonly referred to now as PTSD.

I currently write Detective Novels, but after sadly learning of several police officers taking their own lives because of this disorder, I felt it necessary to take on a project which I believe may help these people who are struggling with this debilitating issue. This book therefore, will be to write a non-fiction ‘Anthology’, which means, most of the writing will essentially be done by many of you. I will write a chapter or two to introduce the book and myself. There will also be some professional input from a medical person who specializes in this field, but the majority of the book, will be all about you, as told by you. It will be about how PTSD has and is affecting your life. Every person’s journey is unique and it is my feeling that each one should be a chapter unto itself, because it is that important.

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or a therapist. I have no direct affiliation to the O.P.P. or any other agency whatsoever. I am simply a man who fell into that same dark place a long time ago and after years of trying to manage and overcome it, had to finally make an enormously difficult life-choice.

I do not want this book to have any political or legal agenda. I only want this to be a compilation of sincere stories about professionals such as yourself, whose lives have been altered due to stress related situations. Your personal stories need to be told and read, without any biased, unnecessary external propaganda. This will be your book, about your life, period.

I am confident and hopefully optimistic, that by putting your story to paper, this book will not only help you personally, but countless others who read it who are suffering from a similar problem to yours.

Confidentiality will obviously be a priority at your request. Should any of you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all for your service and also your courage by participating in this project.


~ G.S. Marriott