Introducing G.S. Marriott...

I was born in Blackburn, England and came to Canada with my parents at a very young age. I graduated from Preston High School and in my younger years, was active in many of the local sports.

After high school, I worked in the automotive sales division of Canadian General Tower in Galt, Ontario. I worked there for three years until such time as my age allowed me to join the Ontario Provincial Police. I worked as a police officer for twenty years, eleven of which were in uniform, while the remaining years involved Detective and Intelligence work. Initially, I worked in Glencoe and Milton while in uniform until I moved into plain clothes work out of Toronto and subsequently Hamilton. I was a member of a specialized unit whose focus was to target and investigate crime at the highest levels. This Joint Forces Unit was comprised of seasoned police officers from four separate police departments.

After nineteen years of public service, I am now in Guelph Detachment and this wonderful chapter of my life appears destined to end. The job had finally taken its toll and my mindset was such, that if I stayed, I would, without any doubt at all, have jeopardized my future due to psychological unrest. I decided, with my twentieth year approaching and psychological difficulties still wreaking havoc, I would not be seeing this to the end. Several discussions with my wife brought us to the conclusion that it was time to walk away.

‘A Dish Served Cold’, my debut novel, covered subjects such as bullying and manipulation, not only among the public, but also internally within the police department itself. Revenge was also a significant factor in the storyline of this book, along with how partnerships are formed and developed. I attempted to cover every human emotion possible with my writing, such as sadness, anger, humour, violence, fear and compassion, among a multitude of others, to fully illustrate to the reader as much as possible, what police officers truly go through.