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I’ve decided that in the next couple of months, I’m going to do a re-launch of sorts on the books, but take it to a wider base audience. I’m going to also ask all of you out there who enjoyed the books, to assist me in this endeavor by spreading the word, whether it be by writing a review to Goodreads.com, Amazon.com/ca or Chapters/Indigo.ca,  or even just telling a friend or work acquaintance.

I want to try and illustrate to the vast majority of readers out there that a small town  guy or gal can be successful and write a good story for people to read. Hopefully, I can achieve this by spreading the word more effectively this time around and I believe having a fresh looking web-site and selling the e-books directly from that site will be a huge step in the right direction.

If the product is good enough, then it should be witnessed by as many people as possible and that will be my new goal for 2017.


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